So you want to search for Bigfoot but need to know what to bring?
Let me help you out with some items and tricks you may need to know.

What you need to go Bigfooting is your normal camping gear including flashlights, bath items etc.

WATER! You can't get enough water that's for sure.
Bigfoot Gear

This is the guts of what you'll need.
Camera, camcorder, recorder for recording sounds.
Quickset plaster, mixing container, spoons, water to mix plaster.
Measuring tape (I use the ribbon type for sewing).
Hair spray (for setting ground before casting print).
Magnifying glass (for looking at hair samples).
Plastic bags (for collecting hair samples or any other kind of samples).
Tweezers (for collecting hair samples).
How To Plaster Cast A Print

The first step is to document your find by taking picture of the print using a measuring tape for
size comparison. Then check for hair samples in the print area. (Break out the magnifying glass.)
Then do the following...

Break out the plaster and pour it into your container about 1/4 of the box.
Mix in water and the plaster together as much as possible
Stir the mix till it's like a thick soup.
Spray the print with hair spray to set the soil so you don't bring up alot of soil into the print.
Try and use sticks as support for the cast like a concreter would use re-bar in concrete.
Pour the mix in the center and spread out with a spoon.
Fill in the edges with the spoon carefully and try and not overspill the plaster.
Wait approx.15-30 minutes dependent on soil conditions, dampness, and ambnient temperature.
Once the print is hard, carefully pull up from around the print to loosen the soil around it.
Now you have properly casted Sasquatches footprint!
If you need to make a cast in snow, there is a product called Snow Print Wax that can be sprayed
into the track to make a shell before the plaster is poured in. However, the 'shell' of this cast is
very soft, as it is wax, rather than plaster. The wax shell can melt if left in the sun. It is also easy to
scratch this soft material. It will pick up very fine detail, but this is not always necessary for most
animal tracks. If you do not need the fine details, then don't worry about the wax melting off or
being scratched. Snow Print Wax will work just fine and will allow you to make a cast that couldn't
be made with just plaster alone due to the heat given off by the reaction.