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I left Oklahoma City with my two brothers, Bobby and Jimmy, and a friend named John. We headed
for the state of Oregon in August 1979 for a possible long term stay. After a 5-day drive we came to
the small town of Drain, Oregon, where Jimmy had been a few years earlier with his ex-wife and child.
After about 3 weeks we settled in and everything was looking pretty good for us.

A couple of months passed by and one early morning in October 1979 I got up and asked my brother
Jimmy if he knew of a place to go deer hunting. He told me that he had been to a place a few years
ago just outside a small town called Yoncalla, Oregon, a few miles south of Drain on HWY 99. So we
took off to go check out the area he told me about. We drove south of yoncalla about 2-3 miles and
turned to the west on an old logging road. We went up the road for about 2 miles and came to a fork
in the road, at that time I ask Jimmy, do I go right or left? He told me it doesn't matter. So I turned right
and the road ended at the top of a mountain about 2 more miles up.

The road that turned left at the fork ended at the top of a mountain about 150 yards to our left.
Jimmy and I got out of the car for a nature call, after about 10 seconds Jimmy told me to look over on
the other mountain top, he saw something move. I looked and I told him that I didn't see anything.
A few seconds passed and Jimmy told me, look I see something moving ! I looked and told him that,
I.., and that's all I could say. At that time we saw a BIG black thing walking like a man. It walked over to
the edge of the other mountain, the mountain we would have been on if we had taken a left at the
fork in the road. It was standing there for about 10-20 seconds before it walked back to where we first
saw it. When it stopped, it turned and looked at us for about 20 seconds, then turned away.
That's when we saw a little one standing there beside it.

We watched as they walked away from us over the mountain. They were about 100 to 150 yards
away from us; the big one was about 6-7 feet tall and about 300-400 pounds; very muscular. The
smaller one was about 4-5 feet tall and probably about 100 to 150 pounds. After we got over the
shock, Jimmy and I left and drove down to the fork in the road and saw a man on a horse. We
stopped and asked the man if his horse was acting funny or if he saw anything strange? He pulled
out a BIG pistol and told us he was not worried about it. I think that the Big Foot was looking at him,
when it walked over to the side of the mountain and looked down.

We stopped in the town of Yoncalla to get something to drink and told some of the people there and
they did not care to talk about it, so we left. I hope you take this story seriously, because you are the
first that I've told it to in a long time. I have always wondered why me, why did I see it.
Aerial veiw of Rice Hill, Oregon
Charles A. Stephens
       The blue line is the old logging road we took.
At the end of the blue line with the (circle) is were we stopped and got out of the car.
At the end of the blue line with the red (
X) is were we seen the creatures standing.
Charles A. Stephens