Texas Bigfoot is a site created by two aspiring Bigfoot enthusiasts, Chuck and myself, Scott.  We created this site
to help gather and distribute information about Bigfoot in Texas. Chuck had an encounter over thirty years ago in
Douglas County, Oregon.  You can read about it on the
My Encounter page.  After meeting and becoming friends
with Chuck about 20 years ago, I became very interested in his encounter and Bigfoot in general.  We really haven’
t done much about our interest until recently.  We went to the annual Southern Crypto Conference in 2004 and
met Bob Gimlin, Smokey Crabtree, and Chester Moore.  Meeting and listening to these fascinating gentlemen
really motivated us to do something.  Our first step was to create this website, next we plan to make trips to the
field to try and gain any knowledge of this mysterious creature that we can.  We will be focusing primarily in the
East Texas area where there have been Bigfoot sightings going on for years.  We created Texas Bigfoot .net
solely to gather information about Texas Bigfoot.  We are not associated with any other groups or organizations
and we are not trying to profit from our interests, we are just here to try and help spread the word about Bigfoot,
because they DO exist!